10 years after we opened, it is with heavy hearts we announce The Hobby Kingdom will be closing it's retail store on March 31st 2016. Due to a myriad of reasons we cannot continue on. We would like to thank our loyal customers for the great times we had.

Over the course of this month we will be selling off everything in the store. All our inventory and fixtures must go. Starting this weekend we will be having an escalating sale. Details will be posted as we figure it out this week.

For the month of March, all events will continue as planned. We will not be getting new stock in during this period. Special orders will be filled to our best capacity. If you would like anything ordered during this period, pre-payment will be required. We will only order things listed as in stock from our suppliers to guarantee they will come in before the 31st.


Richard Godwaldt

Thomas Henshell

More information and communication can be found through the facebook page: